• Asia Literacy Challenge

    Ready to improve your students' skills and prepare them for a changing world? There is no better time to increase students’ knowledge about Asia, this region of enormous consequences. The Asia Literacy Challenge provides curriculum-relevant teaching materials to improve students’ research and analytical abilities. Students learn to dig deep to answer questions on the history, geography, cultures, economies, and current affairs of Asia, while acquiring the knowledge they need to understand Asia. More

  • Planet at the Crossroads

    The International Union of Conservation for Nature convenes its World Conservation Congress (WCC) every four years. This global conference will bring together 8,000 delegates representing governments, businesses, the scientific community, NGOs, and Indigenous peoples from more than 160 countries, which will work together to shape the direction of sustainable development. WCC takes place during September 1-10 in Hawai‘i and offers an opportunity to bring environmental challenges to the forefront. More

  • Virtual Classroom Exchange

    Ensuring a sustainable future means making informed choices and taking action. For youth today, learning about nature and discovering ways to protect and conserve it are the first steps to achieving this future. Global Schools for Local Action is a virtual classroom exchange that engages students from around the world in examining environmental and sustainable development challenges in their communities and shaping their own solutions for addressing these challenges. More

  • An estimated 40% of the world’s economy is based on the use of biological resources. More than 70,000 plant species are used in traditional and modern medicines. Bees and other insects provide a free pollination service valued at over US$200 billion per year. Around 1.6 billion depend on forests for their livelihoods.