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With AsiaPacificEd Crossings you can make personal connections to the Asia Pacific…and make a difference!



Dive into your Asia Pacific!  Make a change!  Find out about AsiaPacificEd Programs and how you can apply or involve your school in our exchanges and service learning projects that support schools and communities in need in the Asia Pacific region.  (Please note that international exchanges and in-country community service projects may require participants to raise funds to cover their travel expenses.)



We invite high school students and graduates to apply for summer volunteer internships. Those who are at least 18 years old may arrange to stay in an East-West Center dormitory at our Honolulu campus for US $19 per night while they work with AsiaPacificEd on various programs and projects.



Spread the word about our programs and resources to other educators, students, and interested individuals and groups by clicking here.



We also invite teachers, experts, and organizations as well as students to recommend their favorite Asia Pacific resources by clicking here.



Invest in the education of our youth by supporting AsiaPacificEd programming.  Your gift can be put to work immediately by funding our ongoing programs for schools, including this website, or creating or contributing to new educational exchanges or community service projects.  To make a donation of any size, you can:


  • Make an online contribution with any major credit cards using the East-West Center’s secure web server.  When you are on the East-West Center’s Donate Online page, scroll down to select a gift amount (keeping the Designation as General) and click the “Add donation”  button.  Then, in the “Comment” box under Additional Information, please write in “AsiaPacificEd.”


  • Contribute by check, payable to the East-West Center with a note “AsiaPacificEd Program” in the comment line in the lower left corner of your check, and mail to:

AsiaPacificEd Program

East-West Center

1601 East-West Road

Honolulu, HI 96734


Thank you!  All donations to the East-West Center are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.