Pesantren Teungku Chiek Oemar Diyan, Aceh Besar, Indonesia

Project Team Members:  Ikram Maula; Willy Hardicki; M. Naufal; Nadia Fadilla; Siti Yauma Fithrah; Muslima Ceudah Mahira; Feryadi Rizki; M. Chalil Bisri Ibnu Jani; Hidayatullah Jamani; T. Naufal Mufid; Maghfirah; Wilda Farhati; M. Rangga Mulia Rizki; Alfisy Ahrin; M. Ridha Rizki; Dian Yustitia; Rizoa; and Mirathil Hayati


Globalization has touched many parts of life in our town, as you can see from this photo story created by junior high school students at this Islamic boarding school.  Foreign products are in stores, offices and schools, and on the streets as seen in foreign cars and the many advertisements lining the thoroughfare. Globalization also influences wedding celebrations, as you can see in the groom’s outfit choice and the bride’s white wedding gown and her jilbab (the word Indonesians use for the head-covering worn by Muslim women).


  1. Raharjo
    December 2, 2011

    The wedding dress and decorations look very different from weddings in Java, and wow, your streets and cars look really clean and new. Fanta, sprite and coca cola look the same…he he 🙂

  2. Laura C.
    December 4, 2011

    I think it’s so cool that electronic devices, clothes, and cars, among other things, are being distributed all over the world from countries with large economies to countries with smaller ones. It proves that international trade is something that connects people worldwide, from all walks of life.

  3. Kathy N.
    December 4, 2011

    When I googled to learn more about your community, I read that many people died in your area from a terrible Tsunami in 2004. Your photos look like everything is back to normal. In my country, we had a terrible disaster in New Orleans in 2005, but the city is still not back to normal and I heard that people are still struggling to rebuild. What has been like for people in your community?

  4. Greg V.
    December 5, 2011

    My community’s parking lots and stores look very similar to the pictures you took. Do you think that we get similar shipments because of the state our economy is in and how strong it is?

  5. KELSEY W!!
    December 8, 2011

    I think it’s really cool how people so far away drink the same things we do…same brands and everything

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