Shape Your Own APEC Agenda

Shape Your Own APEC Agenda invites students to propose their own exchange projects, connect with their peers in other APEC member economies, and actively engage in the global issues of common concern shaping their lives and the region.



Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA


Students walk a path to leadership and launch an initiative to alleviate hunger in their community. Inspired by their experiences as part of the American Youth Leadership Program with Cambodia, students hand in their cell phones to step out of their busy lives and into the wild. Over the course of a three-day camping trip, they build mentorship relationships between age groups and develop an action plan to help improve the lives of people living in their town.

Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA


The Global Seminar class at Ridgewood High School investigate the purpose of education, and whether and how their school prepares them to be successful participants in the 21st century global economy.




Canton South High School, Canton, Ohio, USA


Students contribute ideas to create a vision for a green school that promotes sustainable practices for generations to come.





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