Topics & Issues

Changes in recent decades have transformed the lives of people in the Asia Pacific region.


And these changes have not only magnified the global influences of certain countries, they also present new opportunities and challenges for people across the region and the world.


Take any global issue—the adoption of new technologies amid rich traditions, the persistence of poverty despite breakneck economic growth, balancing energy security with environmental preservation, celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity while managing tensions, the weighing the interests of society and individuals, educating children while providing for aging populations—and the Asia Pacific region is a vital part of the story.


In this section, educators and students can tap into various East-West Center publications to access news, specialist commentary, and expert analysis on a range of critical issues in the Asia Pacific region, or browse the East-West Center Arts Program Virtual Gallery.  Materials are grouped by themes: Economic Development; Environmental Change and Impact; History, Culture and Identity; Politics and Security; Population and Health; and US-Asia Relations.  Check back for continual updates.


Additionally, the East-West Center has produced a series of in-depth background resources and classroom-ready materials exploring the topics of “Pearl Harbor” and “World War II in Southeast Asia.”  Made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grants that supported numerous workshops and a summer institute exploring the same topics, these materials can be found in the Educational Resources and Materials area of this website.


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